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we finally depart for the continent


After a not-too but nonetheless just-about late enough night watching Brass Eye and talking about the most manly of all things (that's for your imaginations) the chapettes were up at "oh five hundred!" for breakfast and final preparation before heading out (things like watering the plants, closing the windows, feeding and 'storing' their various children etc). I, naturalment, did not get up to see them off because I hate them all.

By 'all' I am referring to the whole flock: Alex, Fenton, Charlie and Will. Oh and Matt - I hate him most, so much in fact that my mind just blocked him out for a minute there. Though I didn't rise to say farewell, I did get the chance to swap most their luggage for useless household items like towelling and paperweights. OK, OK I jest. Or do I??? Find out in the next episode kids. I also watched them leave from my bedroom window.


Matt Dutton (who shall now be known as Dinty)arrived (he is accompanying me on my travel to Amsterdam etc) and I crammed final essentials into my bag. These included: phone chargers, a lifejacket in case I fell overboard, a life-cot in case I somehow managed to adopt or give birth to a baby AND THEN IT ALSO fell overboard/dived after me to save its father's (or mother's...) life only to realise in its exuberant, but sadly inexperienced, infanthood that it could not swim and a golf club - in case a hot girl should ask to see my skills and I find myself with no implement with which to show off my well practised swing. (This club would double-up as a method of keeping Matt at bay in times of...of...always. All the time).

Other essentials came in the form of a flat pack chest of draws for extra storage room, 130 brightly coloured paperclips so that we could form a chain between us so that we wouldn't get lost and some crampons for use as discrete weaponry in times of danger from European-sorts invading our train carriage.

I have to admit that I lied about all of that. I cannot deceive you guys any longer. I think you'd have figured it out anyway; you would have been able to tell that I was lying because of my eyes. They give it away...


(There, you got a kind-of mention, or rather, something you said did - are you happy? Secretly it's because I think you're about the only one who'll read this... I'll give you a real mention when I think you deserve it. Then I'll tell you whose the arse was too. Maybe.)

For the rest of you kids, the leaving went as planning - we left, and now we are gone. Tickedy-boo really; Dinty, myself and my parents will be at the house about minnuit and we shall leave for Amsterdam asap to get some pre-chilling done before doing some more chilling when the kids arrive. There is a possibility of post-chilling whilst the kids get showered since as everybody gnomes;

4 Wacken + 3 Amsterdam = 8 smell x 15 gross squared

but we'll see how that turns out.

Sorry this was so long and utterly pointless but as they say in the game,

I don't actually know what they say in the game

Chao, choa, chow, coa, cao, cow or however the hell you spell goodbye these days. Or is it hello? Or both... Odd people those Spiniches.

p.s. this blog seems to be a window directly into my head... Hence please do not be shocked to discover that most the time it will probably make little or no sense. This means that if you do comment on any entries I will not expect you to mention anything that I have said. At the same time, feel free to (and by that I mean pleeease)comment on the entries, only because I want to know how you're all doing and it's nice to know that/if people are reading. It will be more informative once we actually DO SOMETHING though I accept that this is my fault for writing whilst we were still at home.

Avast and onwards to Europe, or the first phase anyway. There may way be very little to report for a while so expect my thoughts instead. Chow for now (I disagree with spelling anyway).

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Haha I find the contents of Ed's head far more amusing and interesting than any travel blog!Good luck on your travels my boy, Flip

by philliod

Well hello there, your trip is so far very detailed and confusing and as far as the blog goes you haven't even left yet really! So I'm imagining a lot of reading coming up. I am however getting muddled with the whole reading from the bottom upwards and so have decided to be NORMAL and read top to bottom. This unfortunately leaves me living the past few days backwards and any minute now i will be finding myself walking back to yours to indulge in banana smoothie. Though at least i am reassured that if this happens i will be informed by your parents of my backwards, or forwards.. or sideways living and be on my way again. Reliving the days again tho may leave me about 3 days behind ... i am now worried....

by Kerenebob

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