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we finally depart for the continent


After a not-too but nonetheless just-about late enough night watching Brass Eye and talking about the most manly of all things (that's for your imaginations) the chapettes were up at "oh five hundred!" for breakfast and final preparation before heading out (things like watering the plants, closing the windows, feeding and 'storing' their various children etc). I, naturalment, did not get up to see them off because I hate them all.

By 'all' I am referring to the whole flock: Alex, Fenton, Charlie and Will. Oh and Matt - I hate him most, so much in fact that my mind just blocked him out for a minute there. Though I didn't rise to say farewell, I did get the chance to swap most their luggage for useless household items like towelling and paperweights. OK, OK I jest. Or do I??? Find out in the next episode kids. I also watched them leave from my bedroom window.


Matt Dutton (who shall now be known as Dinty)arrived (he is accompanying me on my travel to Amsterdam etc) and I crammed final essentials into my bag. These included: phone chargers, a lifejacket in case I fell overboard, a life-cot in case I somehow managed to adopt or give birth to a baby AND THEN IT ALSO fell overboard/dived after me to save its father's (or mother's...) life only to realise in its exuberant, but sadly inexperienced, infanthood that it could not swim and a golf club - in case a hot girl should ask to see my skills and I find myself with no implement with which to show off my well practised swing. (This club would double-up as a method of keeping Matt at bay in times of...of...always. All the time).

Other essentials came in the form of a flat pack chest of draws for extra storage room, 130 brightly coloured paperclips so that we could form a chain between us so that we wouldn't get lost and some crampons for use as discrete weaponry in times of danger from European-sorts invading our train carriage.

I have to admit that I lied about all of that. I cannot deceive you guys any longer. I think you'd have figured it out anyway; you would have been able to tell that I was lying because of my eyes. They give it away...


(There, you got a kind-of mention, or rather, something you said did - are you happy? Secretly it's because I think you're about the only one who'll read this... I'll give you a real mention when I think you deserve it. Then I'll tell you whose the arse was too. Maybe.)

For the rest of you kids, the leaving went as planning - we left, and now we are gone. Tickedy-boo really; Dinty, myself and my parents will be at the house about minnuit and we shall leave for Amsterdam asap to get some pre-chilling done before doing some more chilling when the kids arrive. There is a possibility of post-chilling whilst the kids get showered since as everybody gnomes;

4 Wacken + 3 Amsterdam = 8 smell x 15 gross squared

but we'll see how that turns out.

Sorry this was so long and utterly pointless but as they say in the game,

I don't actually know what they say in the game

Chao, choa, chow, coa, cao, cow or however the hell you spell goodbye these days. Or is it hello? Or both... Odd people those Spiniches.

p.s. this blog seems to be a window directly into my head... Hence please do not be shocked to discover that most the time it will probably make little or no sense. This means that if you do comment on any entries I will not expect you to mention anything that I have said. At the same time, feel free to (and by that I mean pleeease)comment on the entries, only because I want to know how you're all doing and it's nice to know that/if people are reading. It will be more informative once we actually DO SOMETHING though I accept that this is my fault for writing whilst we were still at home.

Avast and onwards to Europe, or the first phase anyway. There may way be very little to report for a while so expect my thoughts instead. Chow for now (I disagree with spelling anyway).

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Oh, by the way...

...we got home.


Yes that's right, after many fun times we returned home safely via the parents in France. Matt flew to the channel islands (that boy is full of suprises) and Will and I caught the Eurostar home. An expensive game but he wanted to see her girlfriend and other friends and I wanted to see a friend from uni, so it was worth it.

Somehow I ended up in first class... So I drank free champagne and entertained the staff with my guitar playing antics whilst Will tried sleeping amongst the commoners. Poor guy... I did take him some bread and water though because I'm cool like that.

So it would seem the appropriate time to round this all up; I'm back at uni and the lads have started their second year of sixth form at school.

The travelling was a tremendous experience and one that I think we will all remember until we go senile and/or crazy...so if you want to ask Matt anything about it you better get a move on because you have about a week and a half. As for Will, he will never forget because we bullied him so badly that it will scar forever. And me? Well I've always been crazy so I've forgotten it all already!

Thanks for reading, we've been Teh Inner Motives and it's been fun... Not too much fun... Not overly fun... (Mention the mother) "Oh yeah; buy our movie or I will kill your mothers"...

we tried to kill Gimly; but he was invincible...

we don't have a movie.


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We chill by day and rock by night; czeching out Prague.


We went out on our first day in Prague, like I said we would, and saw the sights. See? No liar I.

One of the sights was the astronomical clock, which is quite famous and BEAUTIFUL. On the hour, every hour, crowds of people gather to watch it do its thing. And it's thing is...well... Over-rated.

Basically, two little doors open and some puppets, which are too small to see clearly, appear and...then some more appear and then there is an odd sound and a skeleton puppet blows a trumpet or something. Either way, it wasn"t really to our liking.

Anyway, we saw some sights and then looked for a tea shop. We were about to give up when we found one and it is WONDERFUL. We spent a couple of hours in there that day, having a pot of 1 of the 200 available types of tea each and it was wondeful. We left feeling ever so slightly stoned though...which was odd.

We then looked around the Old Town square and headëd back to the hostel. Julie arrived soon after that so we left and met her and Tom and helped them find their hostel. Then we drank whiskey and coke before catching a taxi home, which we didn"t want to do but the metro was shut and it was about 2 euros each so it seemed worth it.

The next day we met Julie and Tom at the metro station and took them to the tea shop. We drank tea, as you"d expect and talked and laughed and jumped and span and cried and fell and flew and fell again etc etc etc and debated the phallic nature of one of the pictures on the wall.

Then Julie and Tom left and we moved ourselves to a more comfortable part of the shop where I started reading some philosophy of religion but grew weary of it very quickly so reverted to the far more stimulating Aristotle"s Ethics. Will read some philosophy of mind and Matt endulged in some Livy, quoting out loud every few minutes another hilarious aor brutal ancient custom or a fantasic piece of description. Will and I debated briefly Aristotle"s view that happiness is the ultimate end to all human action and we drank more tea.

Having left the table to get some cakes I returned to find that Julie and Tom had returned and eventually, after 4 hours in the shop, we left; slightly further along the line of tea connoisseurship. A joyous experience.

We headed back to our hostels to prepare for a night out, stopping along the way to pick up some interesting looking peach vodka because twas about 2 euros for half a litre of the stuff. Fully prepared, we set out for Julie"s hostel, only to walk into a total DOWNPOUR that drenched us from head to foot in seconds!

We ran the rest of the way to the hostel, but Matt´s bag broke and a bottle of beer EXPLODED on the floor! Then the dogs started barking and chasing and before long I had lost a leg, Will was somewhere up a tree and Matt had been accepted into a small tribe that live beneath the roads in Eastern Europe.

This wasn´t a huge problem in essence, but we needed to get him out quickly before he started adopting their language traits, for example referring to nouns as verbs, for example example example, "Make the dog stop chasing me" would become "Wants this barking lunging to stops the¨quickly blurring afters laughing hootsing"

We arrived at Julie´s door dripping from head to toe. Or in my case, from head to bloody stump remnants of lower limbs. Since he had dropped a beer on the way, Matt had just one left, which he asked me to open. Naturally, due to all the running, it exploded. I shoved the bottle neck into my mouth and ran.

Much as I would like to say the explosion blew my head off and ended my eternal suffering, I cannot. Instead, seconds later, I collapsed on the stairway, spluttering on the vast amount of foam that had surged into my stomach and hid the beer in a corner to avoid detection by the hostel managment. Matt arrived at that moment in hysterics and we started mopping up beer with toilet roll and a broom.

For some reason, Matt decided to continue opening the beer, causing more foam to erupt forth. I duely hurled the mass of wet toilet paper at his face. He returned fire, but I ducked and the paper drilled into somebody´s door, sticking fast. The mess was terrible...but hilarious.

We then started drinking the vodka. It was AWFUL, but it did the job. Which is more than can be said for the hotel management, because we played multiple racaus drinking games, during which we managed to get us drunk in spite of the games, rather than thanks to them.

The final games was frankly ridiculous. It involved guessing the colour of an upside-down playing card. If you got it wrong you had to drink for the number of seconds depicited by the number on the playing card. Simple in theory, but rather difficult when confronted with a Matt and an Ed doing a dance and singing "a ONE and a TWO and a THREE and a FOUR and..." . Naturally, it wasn't long before everybody was involved with the dancing and singing - why else should we exist?

etc etc etc. We finally went out, sining Tenacious D and the RHCPs at the top of our lungs. We adventured through Praha, all the way to...friends...take a moment to imagine the scene...

Myself, Will and Matt Bunn...in the hip-hop room of a 5 story club in central Prague...

a totally contradictory situation, not helped by our attire;
myself sporting a leather hat and my "Inner Motives" T-shirt that I made myself (and of course my long strip of lyrca hanging from my belt from which dangled my blue, plastic drinking cup) Will still wearing his lime green Portugese market t-shirt, shorts and sandles and Matt in his...Matt.

Friends...it was BRILLIANT. Highlights included us taking to the stage and entertaining the swarms of...playas?...and...hunnies? with our Uber-cool dance moves, followed by myself and Matt LEAPING on to the speakers and doing the most sexual grind moves ever...ground...by an idiot and a metal head. Then we fought a bear.

We moved on to the 80s room, which was no better but allowed us the freedom to bust some serious moves and bust we did. It would normally pain me to say that my camera ran out of batteries before the night started so I have to photo evidence, but this time I am very glad that nobody will ever see what went on that night...thought to be honest I was DAMN proud of us.

Today we got up late and had breakfast provided by Matt. Twas DELICIOUS. We are now heading for the tea shop and then to Frankfurt overnight where we will stay for an hour before heading to Paris and then to Vire to see my parents.

It has been a wonderful 20 days so far, but Will and Matt have these things called "friends" that they want to get home to see before summer is over. I am looking forward to seeing everybody soon, but I know that there are still 3 weeks of so before we are meeting up so I might stay out here for another week... BUt then again I"m running out of money and fingers (my religon dictates that I remove a finger evey time I do something TOALLY STUPID) I hope you can appriciate that this whole entry has been typed using the ring finger of my left hand... SLOW GOING.

Tea time now, then I might go busking, since I havnt done ANY yet because it"s been non-stop and too much fun. Rockzinz.

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Let Me Entertain You

or rather, we let him entertain us.


The night train was terrible. Though initially it was only the 3 of us...


...it turned out that our 6 person carriage was full...and smelt awful. Sleep was nearly impossible for all of us so I decided that it made sense to give up my seat for the good of the cause. So I did, and somebody else fled to a different carriange too. This way, Will and Matt had a little more room to sleep, but it still wasn°t great.

I amused myself all night by drinking my emergency supply of Jack Daniels that my mum had refilled after Amsterdam and playing my guitar in the entrance to the train carriage. I played for a mother and her kid whilst they waited for the train to get to their station and she was very grateful, because it was 3am and the kid was NOT happy.

A couple of Austrians got on the train soon after, one jumping off at the next stop. Though they declinded my offer of whiskey, the girl that reamined came and talked to me. Sadly she spoke very little English and I no German. Twas hard going. I taught her how to play rummy though and we played cards for hours.

I showed her my photos and we talked as much as we could. At five thirty we eventually found a carriage and tried to sleep. Sadly we arrived not long later and I had to get up, dead on my feet. We said goodbye and I left for Vinenna with Will and Matt, who had not enjoyed their night's "sleep".

We arrived at our hostel easily and found that it was lovely. We bunged our bags there and wandered around Vienna, again follwing Matt's knowledgeable lead. We visted a market where a lady commented on Matt's hat and decided to tell us that Robbie Williams was playing in Vienna that night...

"HO HUM" we thought

We arrived back at the hostel that evening, showered and chilled before heading out to the stadium. We got off the metro at the right place and strollethed through a massive theme park come canival thing before eventually arriving at the stadium wherein sang Robbie W. We arrived mid-set and chilled out for over an hour, listening and singing along to the catchyness that Robbie Williams personifies. Twas BRILLIANT!

Will and I drank rum and Matt ate a sausage, which was DIVINE. I endulged in a wonderous chocolate covered banana, which bought back memories of an Xmas market in Leeds and my thoughts went out to the dear friends that I missed so, and wished they could be with us. Sadness touched my heart..so I quelled it with more rum.

Then we went home, very happy indeed with our success. On the way home we were given GIFTS of yoghurts, red t-shirts with forlorn looking puppies on them, red wristbands proclaiming "FAIRNESS" and inflatable beach balls. The best free gift we were given was a holiday home in Sardinia, but I wasn´t convinced the plants in the picture of the garden were genuine Raffelesia arnoldii, so I threw the deeds back in her face. This proved to be a mistake, since her face was in fact a trans-dimentional vortex, which tore my right arm off just above the elbow. Irritating as this was, I knew deep down that I had done the right thing.

Will and Matt stemmed the flow of blood from my arm and I passed the time by infltating my beach ball using (wait for it...) breath (less oxygen to the brain means less pain). We then played THE MOST FUN GAME EVER; "kick the beach ball all the way through the Vienna carnival, back to the metro station". It was MAGNIFIANT and made a great evening perfect.

We ran for miles, kicking the balls, throwing them, heading them, hitting them - whatever. It was simple, but WONDERFUL , as it was all in the midst of lights, music and the crowds of the carnival. A group of women said they loved our new sport and wished their son could play. Matt, being the kind soul that he is, gave away his beach ball so that their son could indeed play. The women were touched and suddenly they glowed golden and sprouted wings of purest silver. "We are the Angels of kindess, generosity and bargin footwear" they chorused "and we..." OK, OK they said 'thank you' and we went on our way.

After a good night's sleep in a real bed we visited the Freud museam the next day, which was of great interest. Not as many phallus-related exhibition peices as wewas hoping for though, with the execetpion of a large one that kept following me and Will around. We luncheoned in the Freud park, eating bread and cheese at a great stone table which amused us no end. we later discovered that it was a national monument to do with wars etc etc etc and we felt bad. Well... a little bit bad, it was too much fun to feel overly bad. Then we chilled in another, lovely park where I caught up on even more sleep before heading home and packing up.


As we went to leave, the rain stared...and it did not stop. Will donned his hoody, I donned my RGS rowing jacket and Matt... Matt donned a bin liner in the shape of a coat... Our walk to the station was drenching but fun. Then we caught the train to Praha, where we are now in our cheap hostel near the station.

The train here was wonderful - we had our own carriage which we made use of by opening the window to full and observing a MAGNIFICENT sunset, of which I have many pictures, but cannot upload because I took them on SUPER HIGH QUALITY mode on my camera. We also dined in the dining carriage, Will consuming egg and bacon on toast and a chocolate pancake, Matt some Italian soup, noodles and a pancake and I 2 crappy frankfurters, which caused me to fly into a rage and devour 3 pancakes on principle. Then Matt and I drank a beer between us and had some tea. Twas classy el arsey.

Today we see some sights and then meet our friend Julie McNairn who will arrive this evening from Poland I think... Either way, it will be fun.

I hope you're enjoying reading and seeig the pictures because it's damn expensive spending so long on the net, so you better be paying attention! And comment too, otherwise I don't know if anybody is actually reading!

All is well. I have turned green and papery from eating a raw cabbage, Will is elongated from a night sleeping between two opposing horses and Matt...Matt has grown an extra phallus... God only knows how or why.

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Water, water everywhere...

We go to Venice...and we go crazy.


We left Florence in the day and caught a train to Venice, arriving there in the afternoon. Dinty decided Italy was not for him and decided to leave after Venice and go through Paris back to Amsterdam then fly home. It took a while to sort his tickets out, what with Italian train stations being thouroughly crap, but eventaully we left the station.

We stayed in a place called Allergio Henry...or something. They charged us 23€ each for a night in a crappy room, but it served our purposes, as it was in central Venice, so we avoided having to pay the waterbus fares etc, which we would have needed to do from the campsite we were aiming for. Plus, only staying one night meant that we wanted as much time in the city as possible.

That evening we went out with a German couple who we introduced to our hotel and we wandered the streets on Venice, enthralled by its beauty and the amazing canals. due to a lack of food and open supermakets (by this time it was the evening) we found a place that was NOT cheap to eat, but relative to the rest of Venice twas a bargin. We consumed chicken and bread, potatoes and chocolate cake and was DELICIOUS. then we strolled further, buying a bottle of coke and drinking it with our whiskey on a bridge.

"But fair Edwin!" I head you cry, "Why the splashing out on lovely food and drink (question mark)" And I say this. On this day my brother and Matt did get their AS Level results. Between the two of them they achieved 7 As and a B, incluing full marks in about 5 modules...

(pause for the gasps and excitable chatter to die down)

that is why we splashed out dear friends, that is why.

The next day we bid a sad farewell to Dinty, who had experienced very bad luck for a while by that point and we entered day-time Venice. the city is magical and unique, we walked for hours, never tiring of its charm. We found a hat shop too and replaced Matt°s lost hat with a newer...cooler one... Yes friends, Cap°n Matt is now the proud owner of his very own Tricorn pirate hat! And he looks RAVISHING.

Victory was Matt°s and we celebrated by drinking tea by the river, which was a dream of mine come true and it was WONDERFUL. I couldn°t remember being quite so content. Ah yes... I remember it now with a smile, a skip and a tiny dance.

There are BJILLIONS of Venican masks scattered throughout Venice, most of them are the mass produced type. However, spending a little while and looking properly I found a few that make the REAL DEAL right before your eyes. It was a brilliant experience to see the craftsmen at work and to see the proper quality of a real mask.


That evening we caught a night train for Vienna and we were exicted a the prospect of not having incliable seats for once!

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